Best Management Practices

We’re Seeking Photos & Experts!

We are creating multiple new Best Management Practices (BMPs):
    • Phragmites (incl. impacted Species at Risk)
    • White Mulberry (incl. Red Mulberry)
    • European Frog-bit 
    • Eurasian Watermilfoil
    • Flowering Rush
    • Norway Maple
We are looking for photos of the species listed above, ranging from close-ups of the flowers, stems, leaves, to landscape images of how bad these invasives really are!
We are also looking for experts to join species Working Groups who have experience managing or have conducted research on any of the above species, to share information and assist in reviewing and providing feedback on draft BMPs.
If you’d like to contribute to any of the BMPs, please email with the following information by Monday, February 3rd:
    • Your first and last name, organization, and title
    • The BMP(s) you’d like to contribute to
    • A brief description of the information (research, management experience, etc.) and/or photos you will be providing
    • Phone number and any additional contact information
    • Attach any photos (let us know if your file is too large)
All contributions (photos and information) will be credited in the final documents.
Thank you in advance for your assistance!