Wasaga West Beach Association Phragmites Removal

Project lead: Marsha Ramage
Project type: Removal
Geographic scope of project: Approximately 2 to 5 km of sandy beachfront.
Location: Wasaga Beach #6
Map: 44.4764 N 80.0801 W
Funding and support provided by: No funding, but have recieved some help from MNRF who sent tractors to till and rake one third of the beach when they realized the extent of the overgrowth. This allowed the beach to be added back to the town’s weekly maintenance rake. Residents are prohibited from maintaining the phragmites on their own, however, this has become the only option for some.
Impact of Phragmites in area: The beachfront has become overgrown with phragmites and other invasive grasses. The grass is holding a lot of water below the surface that now the beach is hard-packed wet bud at best and has reduced beach space by over 60%.
Goals and objectives: To remove as much phragmites as possible in order for the Town of Wasaga to effectively maintain the beach with weekly raking.
Additional information: Website: http://wasagawestbeachassociation.wordpress.com
Facebook: Wasaga West Beach Association
Twitter: @WasagaWBA
For more information: Becky Wedgewood