Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry: Rondeau Bay Phragmites Control

Project Updates from Rondeau PP


September 6, 2016 The pilot project is scheduled to occur between September 1 and October 31, 2016. This notice will be updated a minimum of 48 hours prior to implementation of aerial application at Rondeau.

September 11, 2016 Aerial treatment for Phragmites control is scheduled to begin in 48 hours in Rondeau Bay.

September 14, 2016 Aerial treatment of Phragmites within Rondeau Provincial Park has begun. Due to specific weather prescriptions (i.e., precipitation and wind speeds) required for treatment, aerial application will occur sporadically as weather conditions are appropriate. This message will be updated upon completion of treatment at Rondeau Provincial Park.

September 14, 2016 Aerial treatment of Phragmites within Rondeau Provincial Park was completed just after 4:30p.m. today. Approximately 100 hectares of the provincially significant wetland was successfully treated as part of this pilot project. Signage notifying park users of the project and the treatment areas will remain in place for a minimum of 48 hours. At this time, Ontario Parks is recommending that park users refrain from accessing treatment sites for approximately 24 hours, as per direction within the ministry’s Implementation Plan.

Project Background

The colonization and expansion of Phragmites in the wetland habitats at Rondeau Provincial Park is a significant threat because these wetlands are recognized globally, nationally and provincially as important areas for biodiversity. Rondeau is ranked as a provincially-significant Life Science Area of Natural and Scientific Interest and a Provincially Significant Wetland. It is also a globally significant Important Bird Area for congregatory species, as well as for waterfowl and migratory land bird concentrations. The variety of habitats within this Important Bird Area contributes to significant bird diversity. Every year, thousands of migrating waterfowl use the area as a stopover and rest point during their travels. The Rondeau Bay wetlands are also home to 17 species on the Species at Risk in Ontario List, which are dependent on the wetland to fulfill one or more of their life functions (e.g. breeding, hibernation, birthing, foraging, etc.).
The threat from Phragmites encroachment and dominance within the Rondeau wetlands also impacts tourism, socio-economic values for the area, and recreational opportunities that are well known to anglers, naturalists, vacationers, and waterfowl hunters, resulting in reductions in aesthetic view-scapes, and increased difficulties for boat launching and shoreline recreational fishing. Rondeau Bay is also a critical area for fish that are harvested through the commercial fisheries on Lake Erie, which is a multi-million dollar industry that stands to be significantly impacted by Phragmites encroachment in shallow waters targeted by many fish species as spawning and nursery areas.

For detailed information on the planned aerial treatment areas within Rondeau, please consult the following map.


Contact Information for Rondeau P.P.

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Rondeau Provincial Park Superintendent

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