Phragmites Control in Kingsville

Project lead: Ken Vegh
Project type: Control
Geographic scope of project: Control on 85 of 380 municipal drains.
Location: City of Kingsville – municipal drains
Map: 42.0351 N 82.7394 W
Funding and support provided by: City of Kingsville
Impact of Phragmites in area: Phragmites is invading the municipal drains which is impeding the flow of water, causing a delay in the drainage of fields and road ways. The water entering the drains also has soil accompanying it and the standing water allows the soil to separate from the water and over time creates uneven drain bottoms causing a further disruption of free flow.
Goals and objectives: The end goal of the project is to enhance the integrity and functionality of our municipal drains and roadside ditches.
Current and future monitoring: The project started in 2014 and further monitoring will be conducted in 2015.
Status of the program (results): Results to date have been very encouraging, but monitoring this 2015 season will provide us with better information on the results.
Additional information: Control was done through a contractor who used a wet-blade technique to cut and apply herbicide to the phragmites. We were regulated by our local Conservation Authority as well as the Department of Fisheries and Oceans, as to when the work can take place. The fact that the work is performed in the municipal drain allows the city to bill back to the assessed residents on a particular drain for the cost as per the engineers report laid out in the Ontario Drainage Act.
For more information: Ken Vegh