Grand Bend War on Invasive Phragmites

Project lead: Judy McDonald, Rose Heipel (Grand Bend and Area Horticultural Society)
Project type: Removal
Geographic scope of project: 12 individual stands of phragmites identified near marina, on riverbanks, sides of Old Ausable Channel, vacant building lots, new storm-water management pond and in ditches.
Location: Grand Bend, Ontario
Map: 43.3124 N 81.7563 W
Funding and support provided by: Support from individual landowners, Municipality of Lambton Shores, Grand Bend and Area Horticultural Society, Ausable Bay CA, Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group
Impact of Phragmites in area: Grand Bend is a lakeside community largely dependent on tourism involving the beach and boating. Phragmites growth has not yet proliferated to the point of impeding this.
Goals and objectives: Proactive work to try and eradicate phragmites in the entire Grand Bend area to ensure the community remains “phrag-free” and avoid huge problems being faced by nearby communities where phragmites growth is affecting the lives of residents.
Additional information: Many thanks to all of the following: Nancy Vidler, Chair of the Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group for guidance and support, Dr. Janice Gilbert, Wetland Ecologist for her expert advice, Ian Jean, Ausable Bayfield CA for providing phragmites ID training, Kate Monk and Hope Brock, Ausable Bayfield CA for facilitating the phragmites treatment, the Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group, Frank Letourneau and Curtis Morris, licensed herbicide applicators, John Patterson for piloting the boat to spray riverbanks and to all the involved landowners and all other project helpers.
For more information: Judy McDonald