Arsenal Powerline Herbicide for Control of Phragmites in Non-Aquatic Environments

Project lead: Scott Hodgins (Technical javascript:pwin(‘/user/locate.php’,’pMap’,750,650,”)Specialist – Vegetation Management, BASF Canada)
Project type: Control
Geographic scope of project: Ontario
Location: Three sites installed throughout Ontario
Map: 50.9354 N 86.1328 W
Funding and support provided by: BASF – The Chemical Company.
Impact of Phragmites in area: Phragmites monocultures in non-aquatic environments.
Goals and objectives: BASF received permission to evaluate Arsenal Powerline Herbicide for control of phragmites in non-aquatic environments. The objective of this research is to generate data that would support a registration submission for this use as well as to gain commercial use experience useful in advising licensed applicators if a registration is received.
Status of the program (results): TBD
For more information: Scott Hodgins