About Us

What is the Ontario Phragmites Working Group?

The Ontario Phragmites Working Group (OPWG) is composed of dedicated people with an interest in working together to facilitate effective management of invasive Phragmites in Ontario. This initiative is aimed at reducing the current threats posed by this aggressive invasive plant to biodiversity and Species at Risk (SAR) through habitat protection and restoration. Specific goals of the group focus on facilitation of education, information sharing and investigation and pursuit of effective management options. The OPWG became a committee of the Ontario Invasive Plant Council (OIPC) in 2013, to continue to collaborate efforts to control invasive plants in Ontario.

How can I join the OPWG?

If you are interested in joining the OPWG, please visit our Contact Us page.


The OPWG and its members form a large collaboration of government and nongovernment agencies that are engaged in Phragmites management, control, research and education. The organizations that are represented within the OPWG include:

Advisory Members: